Bubble Tea London


Step aside chic coffee and make way for a Bubble Tea craze that is set to take over the streets of London. Furthermore 10p of each bottle sold will go to a London Charity. Now there is finally a drink that looks fun and tastes good too!

A drink that has settled roots in Asian suburbs is quickly gaining popularity with young professionals looking for an alternative to tea and coffee. This is a drinking craze that is set to stay for a very long time. 


What is Bubble Tea?

This is a drink that is on the opposite spectrum to the plain and dull looking cup of tea that many are very familiar with. we are proud to offer you Bubble Tea in a bottle to hit London markets.


A drink to be “shaken not stirred” as you get yourself in a spin watching foam that is created by shaking this daily fresh bubble tea. Londoners can enjoy Bubble Tea in their nearest market.


For newbie’s that have never experienced Bubble Tea, you are certainly in for a treat. The unique ingredient that makes Bubble Tea so special are the juicy bubbles and tapioca pearls. The size of small marbles and the consistency of a soft sweet you can enjoy watching these sit at the bottom of the bottle as you enjoy this refreshing drink.  Bring the kid out in you and suck the translucent straw to watch the bubbles float to the service. Once you have had your first cup of Bubble Tea you will never look at coffee the same way ever again! But you too can now appreciate the benefits of this freshly shaken beverage.

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